Job of Pochaiv Orthodox Christian Church
1319 Trinity Drive, Los Alamos, New Mexico

New Catechumen Frank
Making a new catechumen

On Sunday, October 2nd, Father Theophan laid his hand on the head of Frank Lucero and through the grace of our Almighty Lord, Jesus Christ, made him a catechumen of the Orthodox Church. Frank has taken the first official steps in becoming a full member of the Orthodox Church.

May God Grant him enlightenment and many blessed years!

Elevation of the Holy, Life-giving Cross
Elevation of the Cross 2016
Iconography Workshop 2016

Prosopon Iconography Workshop June 2016

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Panikhida for Paris
Paris - Memory Eternal!

On November 15, 2015, St Job Church offered a panikhida for the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks. In the Eastern Orthodox Church, a panikhida is a memorial service (liturgical solemn service) for the repose of the departed. Our prayers and thoughts are with the victims and their families. May their memories be eternal!

The first Pastoral visit of His Grace, Bishop DANIEL, to our parish home

2015 Bishop DANIEL's visit - 10/24/15

On October 24th and 25th, 2015, His Grace Bishop Daniel, the Ruling Hierarch of the Western Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the United States of America, made his first official visit to the parish of St. Job of Pochaiv parish family in Los Alamos, New Mexico. He presided over Great Vespers on Saturday evening and served the Divine Liturgy on the following morning, helping the parish family celebrate the Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council. Read more ...

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Prosopon Iconography Workshop
Iconography Workshop

Santa Fe, New Mexico - The instructor for the Workshop on June 15-20, 2015 was Father Mefodii, a Priest-monk from the Skete of Saint Maximos the Confessor in Palmyra, VA. Fr. Mefodii has been an ordained priest for almost 35 years during which time he has been a parish priest, spiritual director of a college seminary, diocesan representative to various religious and interfaith organizations, and an author and student of Byzantine-Russian Iconography. Fr. Mefodii holds two degrees in Theology: Magister der Theologie (M.Th.) from the Theology Faculty of the University Innsbruck, Austria; and a Master of Arts (MA) in Eastern Christian Theology from the John XXIII Institute for Eastern Christian Studies at Fordham University, Bronx, NY. He has been a student of Master Iconographer Vladislav Andrejev since 1991 and instructor at santa Workshjop since 2005.

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Mr. Andrejev discovered his artistic abilities at an early age.  At 14 he was accepted in a special art school for gifted children.  He also attended Tavrichesky Art Institute. Studied graphic art and book illustration at Polygraphic Art Institute in St. Petersburg, classical painting and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, also in that city.   After completing art school Mr. Andrejev worked as an illustrator of books and magazines.  Becoming dissatisfied with the expression on only the external, he started a search for the spiritual. He became a wandering pilgrim traveling from one Russian Orthodox monastery to another, on the way meeting remarkable monastics, who despite the Soviet repression practiced their Christian way of life.  One of these was an artist and restorer of Icons.  Vladislav spent a year with this monk studying the Russian Orthodox tradition.  Resuming his travels he painted Icons occasionally for individuals and churches, a dangerous occupation in that political climate. In 1979, Vladislav Andrejev emigrated from Russia, accompanied by his wife and four year old son. After living briefly in Vienna, Austria in 1980, he moved on with his family to California. where he had several one person shows.  His artistic and spiritual development was clearly towards the Icon and in 1981, he and his family moved to the East Coast.   During the next two years Vladislav designed and illustrated, in the medieval Russian Byzantine style, the Gospel according to St. Matthew.  In 1986 this manuscript won Best of Show at the Billy Graham Art Center in Illinois, and was later published in English by Oakwood Publications, now a part of Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Seminary Press.

2015 Pysanky Workshop
Pysanky Workshop
Pan-Orthodox Vespers
Blini Breakfast 2015
To pre-order by email, request your tickets at
To pre-order by email, request your tickets at
To pre-order by email, request your tickets at
Theophany 2015

Theophany 2015 - 01/18/15

On the eve of Theophany, after the Divine Liturgy on Sunday morning, the faithful of St. Job gathered at Ashley Pond, a local park, and Fr. Theophan blessed the waters. The prayers and readings were chanted and Father blessed the water by throwing a cross into the pond three times, and then blessed the people with the holy water.

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Theophany Video
Feast of the Presentation

On December 4, 2015, St. Job Church celebrated the Feast of the Presentation, also known as the entrance of the Theotokos (Birthgiver of God), the Virgin Mary, into the temple. During this feast, we remember how "according to Tradition, the Theotokos was taken by her parents, Joachim and Anna, into the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem as a young girl, where she lived and served as a Temple virgin until her betrothal to St. Joseph. Mary was solemnly received by the temple community which was headed by the priest Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist. She was led to the holy place to become herself the 'holy of holies' of God, the living sanctuary and temple of the Divine child who was to be born in her. The Church also sees this feast as a feast which marks the end of the physical temple in Jerusalem as the dwelling place of God."

2016 Feast of Theophany

Theophany 2016 - 01/19/16

On January 19, 2016, St Job Church celebrated our Lord's baptism, the Feast of Theophany. After a short service, the congregation processed down Trinity Avenue to Ashley Pond, where after prayers, Father Theophan blessed the frozen waters with the cross.

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New Royal Doors

New Royal Doors - 05/23/15

Many thanks to Nicholas Michael for his help with the construction and installation of these new Royal Doors.

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St Job is moving!
St Job Church to have a new home

Sometime in 2016, St Job Church will be moving to its new location just off Trinity Avenue in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Right now the building is being refurbished to accomodate a worship space, fellowship space, and much more. Watch this page for updates on our new church building!

Dome will move, too
St Job Church dome to move!

We have our plans and the tower and dome will move with us! Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory forever! Find out more about traditional Orthodox onion domes »

Moving the Dome
Dome on its way to a new home!
Dome on its way to a new home!
Dome on its way to a new home!
A New Icon for the New Church

Father Theophan is a skilled iconographer and is painting this new icon, Our Lady of Pochaiv, to hang behind the altar in our new church building. Learn the story behind this icon here.

A New Roof for the New Church

As part of the preparation of the new building, a new blue roof, typical of Orthodox churches, was installed during the month of February, 2016. The dome is next!


April 8, 2016 -- Take a peek! The interior of our new church continues to progress. In the altar, the tile is in. Grouting tomorrow. Paint and iconostasis continuing. Tiling in the parish hall forever and ever...thanks to lots of hard work by Father Theophan and parishioners.