Job of Pochaiv Orthodox Christian Church
1319 Trinity Drive, Los Alamos, New Mexico

Welcome to Los Alamos, New Mexico!


Welcome to St. Job of Pochaiv Orthodox Church, a parish under the omophorion of His Grace, Bishop DANIEL of the UOC of the USA. We are located at 1319 Trinity Drive in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

We are a vibrant and growing community of faith, worshipping our Lord, God, and Savior, Jesus Christ, in a historical way. Our services are in Eglish and children are always welcome. As St. Andrew put it so succintly, "Come and see!"

Although we are socially distancing and reducing the number of services we offer, there is room for you! 

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New Youtube Channel and Live Streaming
Youtube Channel

Below is a link to our new Youtube channel. Please click and subscribe, and share on your social media pages. This is where live streams of our services will be found from now on.


Saint Job of Pochaiv Orthodox Church

Service Schedule for the Great Fast
Holy Week Schedule

Friday April 23 5:30pm Vespers for Lazarus Saturday

Saturday, April 24 10:00am Divine Liturgy for Lazarus Saturday

                        5:30pm Vespers for Palm Sunday

Sunday, April 25 10:00am Divine Liturgy for Palm Sunday

Monday, April 26 5:30pm Bridegroom Matins

Tuesday, April 27 5:30pm Bridegroom Matins

Wednesday, April 28 5:30pm Bridegroom Matins

Thursday, April 29 9:00am Liturgy of Saint Basil the Great

                        5:30pm Twelve Gospels

Friday, April 30 9:00am Royal Hours

                        3:00pm Vespers with the placing of the Plashchanitza

                        5:30pm Lamentations

Saturday, May 1 10:00am Divine Liturgy

                        11:30pm Rush Service - PASCHA!

Sunday, May 2 12 Noon Agape Vespers and Pascha Picnic at Urban Park


Current Situation and Covid-19 Procedures
Our Current Situation





Our goal in this proposal is to maximize the safety with which we can resume serving the Divine Liturgy for the faithful of Saint Job of Pochaiv utilizing best practices and submitting to the spirit of the governmental guidelines (not just the letter) as well as the directives of our hierarchs, and as much scientific knowledge as we can access.


  • The building of Saint Job has a maximum occupancy of 62 for the entire building. Under the current guidelines set out by the governor of New Mexico, houses of worship may operate at 75% capacity. Our top limit of attendance is 62 people.
    • The occupancy of the temple space has not been officially defined, but an unofficial statement was made that intimated 50 occupants. Our working occupancy goal under the current guidelines will be 37 .
    • This gives us flexibility should someone arrive whose attendance is not planned.


  • Attendance will not be restricted while Los Alamos County is meeting the "Turquoise" level of safety
  • Every attendee’s attendance will be recorded by the priest to facilitate contact tracing should it become necessary. If there are new attendees every effort will be made to get their name and contact information for the same reason.
  • As per his Eminence Archbishop DANIEL, communion will continue to be distributed as normal via the Holy Spoon, but the faithful are to receive with open mouth into which the gifts will be deposited.
  • The faithful should remain 6 feet apart while approaching the chalice and one person will be assigned to hold the iliton (the napkin).
  • Attendee’s will be encouraged to check their temperature using a non-contact thermometer upon arrival at the church and asked to leave if their temperature is 100°F or higher.
  • Hand sanitizer will be made available to all attendees at every entrance of the church and at the readers stand.
  • Father Theophan will be tested as often as is possible since he is the common point of contact for the entire parish.
  • Parishioners who are sick or have been in the last two weeks, or who have come in contact with a person known to have COVID-19 may not attend services.
  • Attendees should wear masks at all times.
  • The priest will wear a mask during the Proskomedia and from the great entrance through the distribution of communion.
  • The chanter will not wear a mask but will stand in the front of the church and face forward. All other attendees will be positioned behind the chanter. A face shield may be available for the chanter to wear and will be sanitized between uses.


  • Individuals should remain six feet apart upon entering the church and throughout the service.
    • Family units must do their best to stand close together since they are members of the same household and co-locating does not increase their personal risk while it does minimize the risk of transmission to others.
    • Marks will be made on the floor to facilitate this measurement and compliance.


  • Icons and other Holy implements may be venerated with a bow but should not be kissed or touched.
    • Hand painted icons will be place out of reach.
    • Icons that can be cleaned will be placed for veneration and will be sanitized with the rest of the temple.


  • Door handles and surfaces regularly touched will be sanitized before and after each service.
    • Aerosol dispersed sanitizer will be used on the entirety of the temple between services.
    • The bathroom will be sanitized between services.
  • All doors to the temple will remain open for the duration of the service and the ceiling fans will be on to facilitate ventilation.
  • Parishioners over the age of 65 and compromised immune systems are encouraged make an honest assessment of their health and make an informed decision about attendance.
    • Holy Eucharist will be made available to the faithful in their homes if they cannot attend the liturgy.
  • There will be no pew books available.
  • There will be no coffee hour or other non-liturgical church functions.

If you are a visitor, there is room for you. If you have any questions please call Father Theophan or email him at fr.theophan.mackey(at)

In the News!
Father's Latest Article in the Post:

So much to do!
It’s just a garage. Moreover, it’s just a hobby. How can there be so much to do?
The wet clay and the newly thrown pots need to be kept wet, but the pots need to dry but not freeze.
The wheel and tools need to be cleaned and put away. The kiln needs to be cleaned out and
vacuumed before I fire another bisque load. Before another glaze firing, I’ll need to buy and apply kiln
wash. For that matter, I need more clay and glazes. Pots that have been bisqued wait to be glazed.
And right now it’s cold. Oh so cold in the garage.
I’ve moved inside and been concentrating on painting icons for a while. I had to crate up an icon to
ship to Iowa. Thankfully, it made it there in one piece.
My wife calls all of this (in her head) her room; all the things she keeps in mind that need to be done.
It’s truly funny how little our two “rooms” overlap. She has the girls, their clothes, girls scouts and
cookies, the house, the laundry, friendships, church, ad infinitum. I have the family in my head in a
more general way, the faithful of the church and their problems, the Art in Public Places Board, Saint
Sophia Seminary and its students, and then the rest of my room is a jumble of all my little projects,
potter, iconography, woodworking, building, bits of wire and scrap wood. It’s all there, but I try to filter
them into a hallway where I take on the next thing in order.
I take the next thing in order, and focus only on that one thing, only at my best.
Most of the time, I can feel the cloud of things pressing for my attention, looming in the periphery of
my consciousness.
At my worst Master Yoda chides me, “All his life has he looked away... to the future, to the horizon.
Never his mind on where he was. Hmm? What he was doing.”
If we cannot put away or at least quiet the impending future, we cannot be effective in the present
Projects poorly done are one thing, but people can feel it when we are not present with them. When
we hold our smartphone or have it on the table while we are talking, or worse when we let a call or a
text or an email interrupt an IRL conversation. Our lack of contact during the past year should make
real conversations that much more precious to us.
The future is full of possibilities, potential, opportunities. Some will contain disappointment and pain,
but even those can result in growth, but whatever the future holds or demands, don’t let it usurp
today’s joy.
Today is the only day we really have; this moment is the only moment.
Do the next right thing and let the mess and chaos of the future sort itself out when it comes.

Holy Fire of Jerusalem